Everything in life is just for a while... things change.
Tout Près Art has evolved into an artists' studio; producing, collaborating and connecting through art.
The gratitude we hold collectively has helped us to grow and expand, most importantly to coexists in the old and the magically new.
Created as a reaction to today's fast-paced world. Tout Près Art was developed as a way to re-imagine and re-experience the people and places that surround us.
Our loves include analogue books, handwritten letters, the smell of rain and sleepover conversations until the rise of dawn. We believe in feeling, listening and understanding as the underlying truth of everything we do, valuing the sensitive and sentient side of humankind.
As one-part Artists' studio, and the other part a series of collaborative pop-up destinations, Tout Près Art's goal is to tell stories through art - because in doing so, we uncover the heart of every journey, and discover the greatest gift: the ability to connect with another human being.
We shall meet again.
For now. you can find us on instagram or sign-up and join our creative community to receive updates, along with any gatherings and collaborations we are working on.
Tout Près Art / tu-preh-art / Expression: French for very close; to feel closer; to come together; or to make a connection with art.

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